Pressed Heart.

somehow, somewhere, sometimes.

deep inside, i’m feeling all pressed up.

i’m still wondering why, is it because i have been keeping it all to myself,

the self doubt that i’ve created layered around me.

you told yourself that you are capable in doing something more but you can’t budge from where you are standing.


the urge, that feeling, day after day keeps getting bigger.

but until when? 

sometimes,you say to yourself that at least you are doing something compared to someone else who are struggling harder than you.

the emotion, ran so deep in your heart that you don’t know who should you share it with.

is it wrong to dream for something better? how do you say you love that same thing that you dislike.

am i becoming someone who are just going to be happy with what you currently have.

i hate the feeling that i’m incapable of having what i want right now and succumbing myself to the stress.

how late is late?