they shined brightly,

I envy them,

Through the darkest night, 

So bright even after they’re long gone,

What moves you? What’s your purpose?

To shine with a purpose. To live and to enjoy life, 

I wanted all that!

Tell me about you.

You told me that you are funny,

You told me that you are kind, 

And you told me that you are a good listener.

But you were mistaken as being grumpy,

Mistaken that you are dumb, 

And mistaken as a storyteller. 


They are perfect.

Perfection is what they up to. 

They’ll look down on their inferior.

What they aim are praises.

They’ll step on up you when they have the chance.

They are selfish.

They believe that they’ll be okay.

Owh how i wish that they’ll got slapped on their face.

With their stunned face they’ll realise that they have lost everything. 

I long for that day.. Long for that day.



We created ourselves to spesifically fit our environment. Each and every angle is perfectly angled to meet with the degree that everyone has set.

We somehow have to lie to ourselves so that we can fit in. But why? Listening to that one speech for TED on youtube had me thinking that all we need is not to fit in the mould itself but rather free yourself and be yourself. 

Though it may be hard. People will always be people, they would claim that they know you, but deep down, you will always know the fact that only you know yourself.