What is sadness?

Sadness is when you feel like you are so hopeless, u failed to connect with your surroundings and everyone.

You tried to act cool but deep inside your emotions burst into million pieces of shards.

You collect all of yourself and try to make what is left of what you got.

And to be honest, it hurts, hurts so bad that you rather be with yourself rather than explaining yourself to others.


Square et Circle

You projected yourself to be a circle

You love yourself

You know that it is best to be that way.


People presume that you should be a square

You must comply or you will be considered as weirdo

At times you change yourself, just for the sake of complying

Yet deep inside you know that you are a cirlce

You hate everything in you when you try to fool yourself

And you hope that people would understand……..


My heart cannot feel anything anymore

The advise was to just let go

It has been two years since you left, and yet your shadow still lingers

Was it because it was abrupt? The way you left?

The questions are still here

And i want your answers
Where are you?

I am right here..

To those who think that they can control you, tell them goodbye

To those who walk with you side by side, show them you are grateful

To those who hurt you, forgive them

For life is not forever and that what you give will get back to you.


they shined brightly,

I envy them,

Through the darkest night, 

So bright even after they’re long gone,

What moves you? What’s your purpose?

To shine with a purpose. To live and to enjoy life, 

I wanted all that!